Laser steel cutting Melbourne

Laser steel cutting Melbourne

At DiMetal Design we use state of the art Laser steel cutting Melbourne equipment to produce a very high quality finish on a wide variety of materials. The high level of technical skill in our workshops also allows us to offer additional services such as bending, cutting, grinding and welding. DiMetal Design is an Australian owned family business that specialises in steel laser cutting for all types of home renovations and commercial projects.

DiMetal Design take great pride in their ability to deliver the best Laser steel cutting Melbourne and fabrication service in Melbourne, or anywhere within Australia. We stock the raw material we use for laser cutting and laser bending in our factory so we are able to offer a rapid turn-around period.

Di Metal Design are a Laser steel cutting Melbourne and fabrication business based in Melbourne. We’ve been expanding rapidly and have decided to re-design our entire website for this purpose.

DiMetal Design has been providing service to the construction industry in Melbourne for over 40 years, offering a leading cutting service with our own in-shop bending, grinding and welding capabilities.

We offer a broad range of services tailored to suit your needs, from Laser Cutting to Bending and Welding. Our combined experience of over 40 years means that we are able to complete a multitude of tasks for our clients. DiMetal Design has the capabilities to produce many products for the Engineering, Transport, Industrial and Architectural industries. We have access to a large array of Metal Bending, MIG Welding and TIG Welding equipment as well as a Large CNC Laser Cutter.

At DiMetal Design, we are a team that is dedicated to providing excellent service to all of our customers. We strive to go beyond your expectations. We design and manufacture products that add value and flexibility to your business. Let us help you find solutions to all your metal working needs!

At DiMetal Design, you are put first. We provide a service to you at a very competitive and fair price. With our full workshop facilities, we can help you come to the best material handling solution for your needs. Trust in DiMetal Design as your partner of choice in industrial fabrication, welding, painting and assembly.

We are a one stop service for all your Laser steel cutting Melbourne and metal fabrication needs. We pride ourselves to produce high grade quality steel products with precision and accuracy. We have the capability to perform hundreds of processes for your metal requirements, for example but not limited to cutting, drilling, grinding, shearing and bending.

DiMetal Design offers Laser steel cutting Melbourne service business based in Thomastown with additional services of bending, cutting, grinding and welding for a variety of industries. Our staff includes professional design engineers, hardcore programmers, and marketing professionals. DiMetal Design was built from the ground up to be an efficient, productive and customer focused company; we provide services to customers with high standards and requirements.

With an extensive range of metal materials, sizes and thicknesses, DiMetal Design offers more flexibility in Laser steel cutting Melbourne and fabrication services. This allows for an outstanding level of precision and quality for products that are custom designed to your liking.

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Steel Laser cutting melbourne
Laser steel cutting Melbourne

Gallery of Laser Cut Screens Melbourne 

Laser Cut Screens

Melbourne laser cutting services specialising in screens for architects and other projects.

Screens in Melbourne

An example of stylish laser cut screens Melbourne by Di Metal Design

aluminium and wood router

Highest Quality Laser Cut Screens

With out a doubt Di Metal Design produce the highest quality screens in Melbourne

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Working with the latest industry technology, we specialise in manufacturing of bespoke to large scale fabrications in Stainless Steel, Aluminium and Mild Steel.

We also offer Laser Profile Shaping of metals, Architectural Screens, Wood and Acrylics, Guillotine Cutting, NC Brake Press, Router and Rolling and Bending Services

We can serve and exceed your exacting fabrication and welding requirements for any size project. Our highly skilled and experienced staff produce the highest quality workmanship on time for every project.


40+ Years Experience

Operating for over 40 years gives you piece of mind when working with the professionals at Di Metal Design


Best Laser Cutting Service

Melbourne’s best laser cutting service in speed and quality.


A Team of Professionals

Di Metal Design have experienced works in welding, cutting, designing and everything related to manufacturing.