Laser Cutting and Bending Melbourne

Complete service steel laser cutting company in Thomastown Melbourne Victoria.

Laser Cutting and Bending Melbourne

Our team of qualified laser cutting and bending experts have years of experience in all facets of the manufacturing sector. We consistently deliver projects on time and affordable pricing. Bending and cutting in Melbourne is what we do best. Manufacturing and On-Demand welding for the Melbourne construction industry. We offer comprehensive solutions from prototypes to large-scale and other products. Our wide range of capabilities include design, engineering, prototyping, tooling and manufacturing. Our BENDING capabilities means we can offer our clients in the construction industry in Flemington, Caulfield, Thomastown, Bundoora, Epping, Greensborough, Melbourne CBD and the other local areas an alternative to the traditional methods of welding and fabrication.

With our many years of experience and successful track record, we are the obvious choice for prototyping in the Melbourne, Thomastown. Laser cutting is our specialty but we also can supply bending services, prototyping, design and engineering, manufacturing or manufacturing options. We pride ourselves in working with our clients to complete their product on time and on budget. DiMetal Design also offer bending services for metal, steel and stainless steel fabrication and other fabrication options. Our Laser Cutting Services The laser cutting process is a form of cutting that uses lasers to produce high speed designs without the need for long time delays. Solid Laser cutting generates a very clean cut, with the options of either Carving or Milling.

Laser Cutting and Bending Melbourne

Melbourne’s best laser cutting company, DiMetal Design has offices and factory in Thomastown. Our laser cutting services include the widest possible range of metal cutting options and tools. We are hand picked preferred laser cutting manufacturer by metal fabrication companies throughout Australia.

You might search for other laser cutting services and Laser Cutting and Bending Melbourne, but you’re just not getting the QUALITY laser cutting products and services we’re offering. If you need laser cutting and bending Melbourne services give us a call today on (03) 9464 0776. Our main manufacturing facility is at 6 Brand Drvie Thomastown.

Laser Cutting and Bending Melbourne

Tomorrow is a new day for DiMetal Design and we’d love to offer you the best service available for laser cutting and bending in Melbourne. We’ve great resources of highly skilled work force, including bench top laser cutting machines, welding machines, and CNC routers. Our specialist skilled staff can bend, cut, weld, grind and finsih almost any shape you can think of. Our laser cutters can provide you with high quality products for your plant and plant machinery and machinery. In addition DiMetal Design can find you the perfect laser cutter and machining service, so you have a chance to meet a lot of suppliers and ensure you’re receiving the best value. DiMetal Design have been working in the laser cutting industry for over 40 years, delivering safe and efficient solutions to a variety of cutting requirements. Laser Cutting and Bending Melbourne, our technicians are highly skilled and are able to assist you with any additional details or requirements please give us a call to discuss your next laser cut product. 

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Fast and efficient LASER CUTTING is a low-cost and accurate manufacturing solution.

Gallery of Laser Cut Screens Melbourne 

Laser Cut Screens

Melbourne laser cutting services specialising in screens for architects and other projects.

Screens in Melbourne

An example of stylish laser cut screens Melbourne by Di Metal Design

aluminium and wood router

Highest Quality Laser Cut Screens

With out a doubt Di Metal Design produce the highest quality screens in Melbourne

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Working with the latest industry technology, we specialise in manufacturing of bespoke to large scale fabrications in Stainless Steel, Aluminium and Mild Steel.

We also offer Laser Profile Shaping of metals, Architectural Screens, Wood and Acrylics, Guillotine Cutting, NC Brake Press, Router and Rolling and Bending Services

We can serve and exceed your exacting fabrication and welding requirements for any size project. Our highly skilled and experienced staff produce the highest quality workmanship on time for every project.


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