Laser Cut Metal Screens Melbourne

Multi disipline steel fabrication business with over 40 years experience based in Thomastown VIC. 


Our Laser Cutting Services

Laser Cutting Machine Melbourne

Laser Cutting Machine

Melbourne laser cutting services specialising in 6kw Laser with 1500 x 3000 mt bed with high pressure cutting capability. Able to cut Mild Steel, Stainless Steel, Aluminium, Acrylic, and all types of Timber, Aluminium (.5 to 3mm), Acrylic (1mm to 25mm)

Welding various metals

TIG welder (410 amp) water-cooled torch
MIG welder (350 amp) aluminium feed torch.
Able to weld Stainless, Aluminium & Mild Steel etc.

aluminium and wood router


NC Numerical controlled overhead router with 1800 x 3000 bed. Able to cut wood and non ferrous metals up to 25mm thick

Brake Press

Brake Press

  • Manual Crowning
  • 60mm Die Holder
  • Throat depth 410mm
  • Back gauge: Motorised & Linear guide & Ballscrew system
  • Back gauge fingers – height adjustable
  • Back gauge motors: Servo
  • Sliding Front Arms with Length Linear Guide
GUILLOTINES steel cutting melbourne


3600mm guillotine. Able to cut 3mm Stainless Steel, 6mm Mild Steel to a length of 4000mm long

Pipe Bending

Pipe Bending

Industrial Pope Bender. Able to Mandrel bend: 15NB, 20NB, 25NB, 32NB, 40NB


Rolled Sheet Steel

1900mm Long Roller. Able to roll full length 3mm thick plate but can also roll up to 8mm in shorter lengths.

Laser Cut Metal Screens Melbourne

In laser cutting, laser light is used as a tool to mark or cut materials such as paper, leather , plastic and metal. First developed in the 1960s as a cutting technology for industrial applications, laser technology has come down in price as it became more common. In laser cutting, high-power laser beams are focused on a material – this makes it possible to laser cut even thick metals.

The Laser cut metal screens Melbourne works with the help of three major components: optics, hardware and software. The laser power is controlled by digital electronics, which are based on cam profiles or laser control cards that trigger the laser beam only when required at specific points in time. In other words, a laser cutter is a computer-controlled laser beam which moves over the material to cut or engrave designs, words and other text.

Laser cut metal screens Melbourne is a popular choice for many industries as laser cut products are making a large impact on today’s world as laser technology becomes more advanced. Companies who use laser cutting frequently include those involved with fashion, industrial design , architecture, engineering, laser engraving and home hobbyists.

Laser cutting works in a similar way to water jet technology. The laser beam is focused on the material, meaning laser cut parts are clean with no burrs or slag left behind. Laser-cut items are safe for handling as there are no hazardous fumes or materials used when laser cutting.

Laser cut metal screens Melbourne is suitable for a variety of materials, including a wide range of plastics, paper and textiles. Most laser cutters come with a range of interchangeable laser heads that can be used to cut different materials at varying thicknesses depending on the laser power required. Laser cutting is not limited to straight lines only so laser cut designs can be a complicated as laser cutters have the ability to follow laser-drawn paths, laser engraving and laser etching.

To laser cut an object, the user draws 2D vector graphics on a computer which instructs the laser cutter where and how deep to make cuts into its work surface. The laser beam follows these directions precisely.

DiMetal Design Laser cut metal screens Melbourne, a Thomastown, Victoria based professional business has been producing expert laser cut materials for over 40 years.

To Laser cut metal screens Melbourne, DiMetal Design uses laser cutting machines which are fibre laser-based. Fiber laser is the laser of choice when laser cutting heavy materials, due to its high energy density and small beam size.

DiMetal Design makes Laser cut metal screens Melbourne for a number of industries, including engineering laser cut components.

The laser cutting process at DiMetal Design is flexible and can accommodate small or large projects with customization available for laser cut items if required. Work areas are catered to suit client needs with the ability to laser cut anywhere from one-off laser cut parts to laser etching complete laser cutting runs.

For more information on laser cutting, including quotes or laser cutting work, visit DiMetal Design’s links on our website today.

Professional Laser Cutting

Designed by professionals with decades of experience Laser cut metal screens Melbourne, laser cut products are produced to the highest standard for laser cutting.

Whether desiring laser cut components for Laser cut metal screens Melbourne, laser engraving or laser etching, DiMetal Design is ready with professional laser cutting engineers to take on any size project.

Laser cut metal screens – is just the beginning!

DiMetal Desing also specialise in bending, folding, welding and construction.

Make laser cutting easy with laser cut products by DiMetal Design.

Industries we serve as laser cutting service: laser cut architectural, laser engraving and laser etching . With decades of experience under their belt, DiMetal Design is ready for whatever your laser cutting project needs!

At DiMetal Design laser cutting is done in-house.

Laser cutting projects are undertaken by qualified laser engineers who can laser cut products with precision and accuracy to laser cut within tight deadlines.

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Hardest working laser cutting steel fabrication business in Melbourne

At DI Metal Design we take great pride in making our customers happy with their finished laser cut product.

Laser cut metal screens