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Our Laser Cutting Services

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Our Laser Cutting Services

Laser Cutting Machine Melbourne

Laser Cutting Machine

Melbourne laser cutting services specialising in 6kw Laser with 1500 x 3000 mt bed with high pressure cutting capability. Able to cut Mild Steel, Stainless Steel, Aluminium, Acrylic, and all types of Timber, Aluminium (.5 to 3mm), Acrylic (1mm to 25mm)

Welding various metals

TIG welder (410 amp) water-cooled torch
MIG welder (350 amp) aluminium feed torch.
Able to weld Stainless, Aluminium & Mild Steel etc.

aluminium and wood router


NC Numerical controlled overhead router with 1800 x 3000 bed. Able to cut wood and non ferrous metals up to 25mm thick

Brake Press

Brake Press

  • Manual Crowning
  • 60mm Die Holder
  • Throat depth 410mm
  • Back gauge: Motorised & Linear guide & Ballscrew system
  • Back gauge fingers – height adjustable
  • Back gauge motors: Servo
  • Sliding Front Arms with Length Linear Guide
GUILLOTINES steel cutting melbourne


3600mm guillotine. Able to cut 3mm Stainless Steel, 6mm Mild Steel to a length of 4000mm long

Pipe Bending

Pipe Bending

Industrial Pope Bender. Able to Mandrel bend: 15NB, 20NB, 25NB, 32NB, 40NB


Rolled Sheet Steel

1900mm Long Roller. Able to roll full length 3mm thick plate but can also roll up to 8mm in shorter lengths.

Complete service steel laser cutting company in Thomastown Melbourne Victoria.

Laser Cutting Melbourne, Thomastown Victoria 3074

Fast and efficient LASER CUTTING is a low-cost and accurate manufacturing solution.

Laser cutting Melbourne

Di Metal Design laser cutting was established in 1980, we are regarded by our customers as a quality supplier, obtaining recognition through our market competitiveness, timely supply of products and high standard of workmanship.

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Working with the latest industry technology, we specialise in manufacturing of bespoke to large scale fabrications in Stainless Steel, Aluminium and Mild Steel.

We also offer Laser Profile Shaping of metals, Architectural Screens, Wood and Acrylics, Guillotine Cutting, NC Brake Press, Router and Rolling and Bending Services

We can serve and exceed your exacting fabrication and welding requirements for any size project. Our highly skilled and experienced staff produce the highest quality workmanship on time for every project.


40+ Years Experience

Operating for over 40 years gives you piece of mind when working with the professionals at Di Metal Design


Best Laser Cutting Service

Melbourne’s best laser cutting service in speed and quality.


A Team of Professionals

Di Metal Design have experienced works in welding, cutting, designing and everything related to manufacturing.

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Frequently Asked

How does your laser cutting service work?

Di Metal Design have been cutting with laser machines for decades, so our experts can help you with your next laser cutting project. The professionals at Di MEtal Design will walk you through the process by talking to you about your needs. Is your product a one off or need to be created in mass production? Do you have a digital design already available or do you need help drawing this from scratch. What time line do you have for the project as we want to deliver your finished product on time.

Where are you?

Di Metal Design factory is in Thomastown in the North East of Melbourne's CBD just off the Ring Road exit at Dalton Rd. Being so close to the Metro Ring Road means we can service all of Melbourne and Victoria.

What can the laser cut?

Able to cut Mild Steel, Stainless Steel, Aluminium, Acrylic, and all types of Timber
- Aluminium (.5 to 3mm)
- Acrylic (1mm to 25mm)
- Timber (32mm)

Can you provide welding services?

TIG welder (410 amp) water-cooled torch
MIG welder (350 amp) aluminium feed torch

Able to weld Stainless, Aluminium & Mild Steel etc.

Does Di Metal Design offer guillotine service?

4000mm guillotine

Able to cut 3mm Stainless Steel, 6mm Mild Steel to a length of 4000mm long